Radio insider & Local Medical Practice Team Up With Texas Swing Band

Dr. Hursel Lee Adkins of Fort Myers Family Medicine Announces Sponsorship of Suwannee Swing Saloon.

Fort Myers, Fla -

Fort Myers Family Medicine LLC is honored to announce their sponsorship association with Suwannee Swing Saloon, the premier Texas Swing Band, originating in Southwest Florida.

Suwannee Swing Saloon plays music that is always instantly recognizable, eminently powerful, profoundly soulful, and 100% American in derivation. The Suwannee Swing Saloon's bold new presence did not go unnoticed by longtime Fort Myers physician, Dr. Hursel Lee Adkins.

“A fusion of Jazz, Blues, Bebop, Country and Swing, Texas Swing is enjoying a surging revival, thanks in part to the advanced musicianship of Suwannee Swing Saloon “ says Dr. Hursel Lee Adkins of Fort Myers Family Medicine Dr. Adkins, whose experience includes permitting and founding a C-1 Class (100,000 Watts) Wyoming FM radio station (KWAP-FM), states that:

“I’ve listened to literally hundreds of cutouts, white label demos (plug copies) from journeymen Country and Western acts, and Suwannee Swing Saloon is a must-see, first-rate show”

The fledgling young band is privileged to be working with a pillar of our local community here in Fort Myers, and the support and knowledge Dr. Adkins personally provides as a radio insider is invaluable to the musical group's new ventures.

These folks are the real deal, and Fort Myers Family Medicine is excited to be involved!
— Dr. Hursel Lee Adkins, D.O.
Dr. Adkins of Fort Myers Family Medicine.

Dr. Adkins of Fort Myers Family Medicine.

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